Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Sumita Centre Stage Volumising Mascara

You know that question people always ask.. 'If you were stuck on an island with just one beauty product what would you have?'

Well for me its mascara.

I love how it opens the eye up, makes the eye stand out and just draws attention to the eyes. My favourite part of the body is eyes so you can see why I love mascara.

I am blessed to have naturally long and curly lashes so I never need to curl them but I look for a mascara that lifts my lashes and holds them in place. I look for a mascara that adds volume and doesn't clump my lashes all together.

When I got my hands on the Sumita Centre Stage Mascara I read what its supposed to do and couldn't wait to try it out. It claims to "increase the appearance of lash volume by 330 percent - creating strikingly thick, sexy lashes." It also claims to "instantly gives lashes intense volume and length, in just one coat to create strikingly thick and sexy lashes."

I had my hopes high as I tried it on one eye... so would this mascara live up to what it claimed.... well the answer is a big fat YES!

With one coat my lashes were soo full and long, they actually looked like false eyelashes. As for 330 percent more volume I would have to agree my lashes fanned out beautifully.

I tried the mascara a couple more times as I don't like to just give a opinion based on one try. Each time the mascara applied soo easy, it has a large wand with a soft fibre bristle. This is my favourite type of wand as I hate the plastic ones as I feel there isn't enough movement with them.

I think you can see from the photos just how good this mascara is, if you are on the look out for a mascara that adds volume and length this is definitely one to try.

Lots of Love..

Victoria xx

*This is not a paid or sponsored post. I was however sent the item as a PR drop. ALL opinions are my own.

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  1. Those lashes!! This mascara definitely seemed to do what it said on the packet, it was amazing to see the difference when you had it on one eye and not the other. The wand looks easy to use and the packaging is beautiful yet simple! I must keep my eye out for this mascara!