Thursday, 4 January 2018

Peter Pan at the Grand Opera House Belfast

So that's Christmas over for another year, I don't know about you but we are a family full of traditions. We always open our presents at a certain time, we always sit in the same place, go in the same order etc... and one of my favourite traditions is doing the Christmas Pantomime at the Grand Opera House in Belfast.

If you have never heard of the Pantomime before, every year it is a different story with dancers, singers, actors/actresses and the one and only May McFettridge, who is always centre stage with her over the top costumes and some cheeky jokes. There is also a celebrity character this year the celebrity was Claire King from Corrie, other years have seen Chico (x-factor), Gareth Gates (singer) and Faye Tozer (Steps Singer).

The story this year was Peter Pan... the little boy who never wanted to grow up. Not many people will know but I love Tinkerbell, it all started one night I was out in a club and a man in the toilets commented on how I was just like Tinkerbell and I was a little fairy! My brother of course found this hilarious as I am not small or fairy like! The thought of me flying made him laugh till the tears were tripping him!

Soo.. for years I have collected Tinkerbell any time I see her and always get gifts which relate to this from my brother.

Now on to the play itself!!

As always my brother books early for the year ahead so this Christmas I received tickets for next Christmas's Panto which is Jack and the beanstalk. Because of this we always have really good seats up at the front :)

We got to our seats and the Panto quickly got underway. It started with Wendy laying in Bed and then Peter Pan came flying in. I was really impressed as you couldn't see the wire so to a child he really was flying. I may have believed it too for a second!! Peter was dressed in a little green outfit and looked just like the movie.

The story then continues and we meet Tinkerbell who is a beautiful woman dressed all in white with fairy wings and Roller boots so it looks like she is zooming across the stage, another very clever trick!

Then Peter takes Wendy and two little boys to Neverland where they meet Liger Lily and the Lost boys and girls. All the costumes and stage props are fantastic the children are all dressed to fit in with Tiger Lily.

We then meet May and her better half who have came to work on the ship... they aren't really part of the story but rather a filler between scene changes. I really like this as you are kept entertained during the whole show. In the second half however they then become characters in the story.

The story continues and we then meet captain Hook and a lovely Mermaid, the costumes are really what makes the story pop, everything is so glitzy and emphasises the characters. You learn the story of why Hook and Peter pan don't like each other and finally before the interval there is a very scary large crocodile! If you were a child you really would think that everything is real, there are no wires or body parts etc on display everything looks soo realistic.

After a short 15 min interval its back into the second half... the story then comes to an end with hook getting captured and Wendy going back to her own land.

I really look forward to going to the Pantomime every year, as it is always packed full of amazing acting, local jokes, crude jokes, fantastic pyrotechnics, good music and costumes that make me feel like a little girl again.

The Panto runs from the start of December to the first or second week in January and you can get tickets at different prices based on seating, times of the day and groups etc.

If you have never went and would like to start a new tradition around Christmas time with you and family/kids I cannot recommend checking out the Grand Opera House's Pantomime enough.

Lots Of Love...

Victoria xx

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