Keris Weir - The Big Hair Do

Thursday, 12 October 2017
A couple of weeks ago I was invited up to Keris Weirs salon in Lurgan as she was hosting an evening of entertainment to celebrate 'The Big Hair Do'. This is an event that happens all over the country as salons invite people in and show them their salons and products etc..

So if any of you watched the 'Great British Hairdresser' on E4 then you might recognise the name as Keris won the show :)

Moving onto the actual night itself. I arrived in plenty of time thankfully as I couldn't find the place and drove up and down the road about 10 times, but after a couple of messages to my blogger pals I discovered it was down a side alley. Typical me I am never prepared and just hope that sat nav takes me right to the door lol.

I seen another blogger head in so I quickly followed her in, as soon as we went in the door we were greeted and asked if we would like a drink. As I was driving I opted for a fruit shoot, how rock and roll!

The salon itself is beautiful, and somewhere that I would definitely go based on décor, it is a mix of greens and black. Yep my inner dark side loves it!

Soon the event was underway and we were first of all shown how to do an Australian Blow Dry, this is quite time consuming so perfect if you are getting someone to do it for you, but to do it yourself at home I don't think I would be able to do it. Suppose any excuse for a salon visit ;)

Keris talked us through stage by stage and talked to us about how to care for your hair and the best brushes to use. I actually didn't realise that you should never brush your hair when it is soaking wet and instead you should blast dry it 70% dry first!

Next up we grabbed some food which I have to admit was delicious, and played about with the selfie mirror, I really do love those mirrors but I will never be able to get a flattering photo from it. Some of the girls make it look soo easy.


Then onto the makeup section of the night where the lovely Zoe talked us through some of the best products to use, she then showed us how to contour the lips and finally talked to us about eyelash extensions. Zoe also has her own range of lashes and they look beautiful.

Finally Keris showed us some of the salons weaves and how to wear them. I am blessed to have a full head of thick hair so a weave is the last thing I need but they are soo good if you want that extra bit of volume or length for shorter hair. They are soo reasonably priced at £25 if you ever thought about getting one Keris is definitely the girl to go too.

Before heading home me and some of my girlies took full advantage of the ring light and we worked our best poses. I am one of the only bloggers I think that don't have a ring light but ... I have just put one on my Christmas list ;)

If you want to know anymore about the salon or any of the products Keris and her team do you can find her over at KERIS WEIR .

Lots of Love...

Victoria xx

* Thank you to Ursula for the invite.
**I was kindly invited up to the event but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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