Thursday, 3 August 2017

Radioctive-Unicorn Nail Polish

Hello Again

If you are like me and love having your nails painted with anything sparkly then you will love this brand.

I had never heard of it until one day it popped up on my feed on Instagram ... I'm like a magpie so of course I had to follow the link to the shiny nail polish!

The brand is called radioactive unicorn and they do really quirky and different items, there nail polish is stunning every colour is different to anything you would buy in a drugstore. I also love the names of the shades as they are all really funky.

Anyway getting on to the actual polish. I ordered 5 and when they came I couldn't wait to get them on my nails. If you use glittery polish you will know that sometimes the colour payoff is terrible and you have to do at least 5 layers, I hate this as it takes so long to do.

So with not much hope for the first layer I lashed on a different colour on every finger and was happily surprised to see the payoff, the colour and glitter was soo bright I couldn't believe it to be honest.

I did two layers just to see how bright it would be and oh my... my nails were soo sparkly and glittery I was like a wee kid looking at them.

With flash

Without Flash

I wasn't sure how they would wear as quite often glitter polish flake and peal off, but nope radioactive unicorn polishes lasted a good 5 days without any chips.

I got loads of compliments and people asking what polish was on my nails. I love when you find a brand that is affordable and such good quality. If you are on the look out for something that little bit different then you should definitely check out radioactive-unicorn.

To have a look at the brand and what all they do you can find them over at radioactive-unicorn they are also on Instagram and other social medias.

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Lots of Love...

Victoria xx

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