Friday, 30 June 2017

Music for the Soul

Hello Diamonds

I decided to write a post a little different to my norm... Most of my blog posts are all beauty or events that I have been to or new releases.

Soo... for this post I have decided to share the songs that get me threw my hard times... the songs that speak to me on another level.

Music has always been a massive part of my life. When I'm sad I listen to it, happy I listen to it, depressed I listen to it. It is always there even if its just for back ground noise. I even have a little treble clef tattoo on my ankle as a reminder how important it is in my life.

I'm sure we all have important songs to us, yenno the ones that when you hear it, you are right back in a situation or a memory just comes flooding back. So I have decided to share my top 10 songs that mean the most to me. Some of these songs have a sad reason behind them and other the lyrics just make sense.

1. Coldplay - Yellow - This songs means the most to me, as when I hear it I think of my Granda there are lots of personal reasons behind it, and its just our song.

2. Foo Fighters - Best Of You -  This song is again VERY important to me, the lyrics of it mean so much to me and its like the song was written for me.

3. Paloma Faith -  Just Be -  This is just one of them songs that you cant help sing along to. I adore Paloma and the lyrics are just magicial.

4. Florence and the machines - Sweet Nothing - This song just makes me want to dance, it brings back such good memories of some of the best nights out.

5. Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child - Again this song just puts me in such a good mood, another one that has happy memories.

6. Audioslave - Like a stone - Chris introduced me to this band and this song is just one where the lyrics speak to me. I love screaming along it too lol.

7. Tiesto - Adagio For Strings - This is just an anthem, one of the first dance songs I fell in love with and again has that feel good factor every time I hear it.

8. Aerosmith - Beautiful - This is a special song to me and Christopher and just makes me think of him everytime I hear it <3

9. London Grammer  - Wasting My Young Years - This is another song where the lyrics just mean so much, the vocals on this song are outstanding.

10. Macklemore - Can't Hold us - This song makes me think of being at Radio 1's Big Weekend with my brother so again a very special song to me.

So there we have the 10 most important songs to me ... I could easily pick another 10 but if you enjoyed this sort of post I will do another one similar.

What I want to know is.. Do you have a special song that has special memories? I would love to know what it is :)


Lots of Love...

Victoria Xx

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