Tuesday, 8 November 2016

eléni Facial at Hair Clinique

Hello again :)

I was recently contacted by a company and asked if I would like to go and get an eléni facial. I was more than happy to do this as I have always wanted a facial but never new what type to go for.

I had never had a facial so I wasn't sure what to expect, I was extremely nervous but I was put totally at ease as soon as I walked into the salon. The salon is located in Londonderry in Hair Clinique, so the downstairs is a hairdressers and the upstairs is the beauty salon. 

Hair Clinique in Londonderry

The lady who was doing my facial was called Claire and as soon as I went in I was taken upstairs and into a lovely little room. The beauty room was pretty small but had a lovely relaxed feel to it. The lights were nice and dim with really relaxing music playing. I felt very relaxed and at ease from the moment I walked in.

Claire ask me to get comfy on the salon bed and a lovely fleecy blanket was placed over me.. she made sure I was comfortable and happy before she started. I was very happy to start the facial and really interested in what was about to come.

The salon bed with fleecy blanket

I was asked how my skin was and what products I usually use and if I had any problem areas. I told Claire because of medication my skin is mostly dry but the odd day it would be oily. We agreed that my skin needed hydration so Claire decided the eléni 'Hydrate & Nourish Facial Treatment' would be best suited to me.

The first step of the facial was a deep cleanse where my skin was basically prepped for the following steps. The cleanser was nice and fresh, Claire then washed it off with a hot flannel. I was starting to really enjoy being pampered.

Then I had a deep exfoliate put on my face and again Claire rubbed this in, left it for a couple of minutes and then washed it off with a hot flannel. The exfoliator was lovely as it had a good grainy feeling but wasn't harsh on the skin.

Next up we had a hydrating mask, Claire applied this and while it was working its magic I was given an amazing hand massage. I was soo relaxed I could have fell asleep, it honestly was the nicest feeling in the world, again Claire washed off the mask with a hot flannel, my skin was feeling great.

To finish the process Claire applied the eléni Intensive Stabilising Moisturiser to my face and rubbed it in using butterfly strokes. I was aware the facial was coming to an end and I didn't want it to stop, I was really enjoying the whole experience from the music to the lotions and potions used.

My head is usual so full of stuff and I find it hard to turn off, but for the first time ever I was laying on the bed with nothing in my head except how good I felt. It was almost a surreal experience as my head was totally clear :)

I walked away smiling from ear to ear, I was soo impressed with my facial and I cant believe I have never had one before. I will definitely be back for another soon.

My skin was glowing and felt soo hydrated, people actually noticed and asked during the next week what products I had been using.

If you have never been for a facial, I cannot recommend getting an eléni facial enough. Over 60 Salons and spas across Northern Ireland and Ireland offer them. The eléni range is exclusive to salons and spas. If you are around the Londonderry area, definitely pop into see Claire as her service was first class. She could not have been nicer, and was just a really lovely girl.

You can check out more about eléni on their website www.eleniskincare.com

Lots of Love..

Victoria xx

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