Friday, 7 October 2016

Kiko Milano store opening in Belfast

I really hope this isn't a wind up was my initial thought when I seen on social media that Kiko Milano was coming to Belfast.

I have always loved the look of their eyeshadows and lipsticks but I'm the sorta girl that likes to see an item in front of me before I buy it, so I had never ordered online.

Then when a post appeared on facebook of the poster on the outside of the shop all my hopes were confirmed ... eek kiko was opening in Belfast!!

One thing that really bugs me is when you go into a makeup shop and all the items are dirty/grubby and some missing. I don't even stop to look as there is absolutely no way I am gonna swatch them, to see what the colour payoff is like etc.. so I decided that I would get up bright and early on the day of kiko opening to see around the makeup first. Its the little things in life that keep me happy!

So off I set up to Belfast at 7.00 as its an hour drive for me and I got there and parked for just after 8.... When I was walking to Kiko I had no idea how many people would be there or if anyone was there, I was actually like a kid with excitement.

I turned the corner and was pleased there was only about 15 people in a queue. The first 50 people threw the door got a gift voucher so the early start had paid off :)

The store wasn't opening to 10.30 so it was a long enough wait but thankfully it was dry and not too cold, slowly but surely the queue got longer and more and more people kept coming. There were already other bloggers inside who had been invited to a bloggers breakfast, so they were all having a look at the products and getting photographs.

A couple of people came out and gave us all some buns and then some nibbles which was pretty nice of them.... counting down the minutes till the store opened some of the staff came out to talk to everyone.

I was now number 26 in the queue as school kids had bunked off school and sneaked into the line so when the doors finally opened they were only letting so many in at a time... this meant I had to wait longer to get a look around ... Boooo!

Finally I got in... oh my days what to look at first... I went straight to the eyeshadows and then onto lipsticks, however it got too packed and I started to feel claustrophobic so I went to the till and quickly got out.


I was a little disappointed if I'm honest as it's such a tiny shop and I didn't get to look at things properly, but I couldn't wait to try my new bits and bobs. The first 200 customers also got a goodie bag which included a wet & dry eyeshadow, a nail varnish and a lip gloss.

I am super impressed with the bits and bobs I picked up but I don't think I would go and queue up so early again for another shop opening as it was just too hectic.

Did any of you head up to the opening, or have you used Kiko products before? I would love to hear your thoughts :)

Lots of Love...
Victoria xx


  1. Fair play to you for heading along so early. I couldn't imagine queuing for anything! I have seen Kiko stores in a few European cities I have been to but I've never ventured inside. I always feel overwhelmed trying out a new brand - where to start?! But I've heard great things and the prices are amazing too! I'd love to see a review of the bits you picked up!

  2. I feel like that too sometimes but I have to say the quality of their products is amazing ... ooh I will defo do a wee review on the blog :) x