Friday, 20 May 2016

Lush Bloggers Event


I was recently invited by the lovely Alison from passionsandpreening to attend a Lush blogger event as her plus one. I love Lush products and always stock up on them when I'm in Belfast so I was chuffed to be going.

The event was strictly bloggers only and was all about the unveiling of their new Fathers Day products. If I gave my dad a bath bomb he wouldn't have a clue what to do with it! He is more off a 5 minute shower sorta guy, however my other half Christopher LOVES a good old bath bomb!! (He is always stealing mine... Grr)

On arrival at Lush we were welcomed in with the awesome staff, showed to some nibbles and drinks and then asked if we could fill in a consent form for photographs, before getting our picture taken in the very flattering lights :)

After everyone had arrived and had their photo taken, we were all asked to gather around and told what would be happening throughout the night and asked to take a seat... We then were shown some products, told how to use them and given them to try/smell/feel for ourselves. There was an opportunity to ask questions and it was all very nice and relaxed.

After we had seen all the products we were invited to take part in making our own product (Angels on bare skin). I didn't want to mix it so I simply potted my own little tub. I don't really like getting my hands all yucky lol.

Then on to the reason we were all there..... The reveal of Lush's Fathers day range... All night the products had been covered by a large piece of fabric, everyone had gathered around and we were all standing in anticipation of what was behind it, after a count down from 5... All was revealed!!

What could be under here??

What an awesome display of products greeted us... loads of nice vibrant
colours, gift sets and one special 'DAD' bath bomb... Eeeek 

Father's Day Collection

'DAD' slow fizzer

The staff then took us threw each product, passed them around for us all to smell and told us the ingredients used in making the item. We were also given a demonstration of a bath bomb, bubble bar and slow fizzer in action.

Products in action

Again we had the chance to ask questions/prices of products etc... then we got the chance to buy anything we wanted before the evening was wrapped up.

On leaving we were all given a very generous goody bag containing a mix of different products. Inside my bag their was a mix of bath bombs, bubble bars, body scrubs, bath fizzers, solid perfume and a lip balm!! We were definitely spoiled by the lovely people at Lush!

Our amazing goody bags

I had such a brilliant night at the event, there was a nice relaxed atmosphere, with no pressure to buy any of the products or that... the staff could not have been more helpful, their people skills were 10 out of 10, and I got to meet some wonderful new bloggers :)

What a happy bunch we all are :)

If you would like to check out the full fathers day range or check out any of the ingredients in any of the products you can find all information online at Lush.

Hope you enjoyed reading all about my time at the Lush event. If you want to see more pictures pop over to my facebook.

Lots of Love...

Victoria xx


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