Monday, 16 May 2016

Belfast Soap Company

Hello Everyone

A couple of months ago I was very kindly sent out some products from Belfast Soap Company to try out. I had seen this company about but had never tried any of their products.

When I looked into The Belfast Soap Company it became clear exactly what they were about and what they stand for. The Company was actually set up to try and combat the liquid soap in a bottle and have it in a natural bar form instead, reducing in waste and also helping the earth. 

In each bar of soap/shampoo only natural ingredients are used such as Coconut oil, Olive oil, Shea butter, Castor oil, charcoal, Herbs , flowers, clays and spices: Such as lemongrass, St Johns Wort, paprika, cinnamon, calendula petals. 

They even use a mixture of diesel and vegetable oil to run their delivery van, and state that every little change helps the environment. They also include on the website a list of things not included in their products. This list includes:

-No parabens
-No petroleum
-No artificial fragrances
-No artificial colours/dyes
-No artificial preservatives
-No artificial foaming agents
-No palm oil
-No animal testing - tested on owners, not animals.

They really do take the earth and environment into consideration in every aspect of their business. 

So onto testing the products! I decided to use the products for a couple of months to really give an honest and valid review. 

I had been sent out 3 products. One bar of grapefruit shampoo and two bar's of soap in lavender & lemon and also spearmint. I used the lavender & lemon soap first and found it gave a really good lather and the smell was beautiful, so fresh and clean. The soap left my hands feeling really moisturized and soft. I then moved onto the spearmint soap bar after a couple of weeks and this is my favorite out of the 3 products, It smells just like spearmint softmints :) the smell is soo powerful and strong, you can smell it on your hands for ages!

I am not a fan of shampoo bars as I have such long thick hair I can never get enough product or lather from them. I find they always leave my hair feeling dirty and straw like, however I did give this a go and as I was expecting I didn't like it, don't get me wrong the shampoo smells lovely, but just not a product I would go for. 

The smell you get from The Belfast Soap Company products is fantastic, as soon as you walk into the bathroom all you can smell is the soap bars. Its just an extra bonus that everything used in making the product is natural.

The Belfast soap company really do value their customers, not only did they include a voucher for money off my next purchase, they also included a cute little packet of Haribo sweets in the parcel. This extra little touch would make you want to purchase from them again.

If you are looking for a present for someone or for a little treat for yourself, I would recommend  checking out The Belfast Soap Company.

Soo.... the main question! Was I impressed and would I purchase more items from the company ... The answer... Yes I definitely would! 

If you want to check all the products available and prices you can pop over to their website or you can check them out on facebook or twitter.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog and as I have said before I'm sorry I haven't put more posts up, I am one busy little bee atm! But if you want to check out my other social media to see what I get up to you can find me on Instagramtwitter or facebook.

Lots of Love 

Victoria xx

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