Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Holos Rich Night Cream

Hello Again :)

A couple of weeks ago I featured the Holos rich night cream in my top review section on my radio blog show and I am now getting around to doing this post :)

The lovely creator of Holos Skincare, Niamh Hogan has been a practicing Aromatherapist and Natural Health practitioner since 2003. None of Holos products are tested on animals and are all made of natural plant extracts. 

Firstly I have to say how pretty the packaging was, the cream came wrapped in a cute little blue tissue paper package with a straw bow. 

I was excited to try this brand and was kindly gifted the 'Good Night' cream, which was perfect as my skin changes so much one night its dry and the next night its oily, and as the Holos rich night cream is made from essential oils and natural products I was hoping it would be beneficial to my skin.

And...... I was right... it was!! 

The cream has a thick creamy texture that is easily applied and dries in nicely. The fragrance of the cream is Lavender, Chamomile & Rose. I would say that the scent is really strong so if you don't like the smell of lavender this cream definitely isn't for you! 

I felt like I was in a spa when I applied the cream, my face felt soft and the smell was soo relaxing and soothing, it didn't take me long to fall asleep :)

In the morning my face was glowing, I could still smell the lavender and just felt like I had such a good sleep, I am guessing its all the natural oils!

I used the product every night for over 2 weeks and the results just kept getting better and better! If you have dry skin this cream will sort that for you as your skin feels soo hydrated in the morning.

I am really impressed with the Holos night cream and will be purchasing some more products from the brand in the future!

50ml - £13.20 / €16.60

If you want to see any more of the range or read up on any of the ingredients used in the products you can visit the website HERE or you can visit Holos facebooktwitter or instagram

Hope you enjoyed this little blog post :D

Lots of Love...

Victoria xx

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