Wednesday, 24 February 2016

My first ever review... and its on nía products

Hello Everyone...

I have decided to write my first ever review on Nía products.

A little bit about Nía

Nía is a range of skincare and beauty products which are all created in Ireland. Nía is the Irish word for 'Radiance' and that is definitely how your skin feels after using their products. Celia O'Grady is an expert in skincare and has over 30 years experience, this is what inspired her to create her own range of face and body care.

All Nía products are made using natural superfood ingredients making them beautiful for the skin and body.

The Products

I was very kindly sent out two different products to try... Just Balm and also the Intensive Restoring Facial Hydrating Cream. I had researched both items and could not wait to try them. I suffer from very itchy dry skin on my legs so was really excited about the 'Just Balm'.

Just Balm

When this product arrived the first thing I noticed was the beautiful design of the tub, silver and blue with a very simply and delicate design. I was expecting the balm to be a creamy runny consistency, however was surprised to find it more of a yogurt mouse like consistency. I was having an 'itchy day' with my legs and within 5 minutes of applying this product my legs had stopped itching... yayyy.

The product was very easily applied and I didn't need to use much to cover a large area. Just Balm is soft and silky on application and dries within a couple of minutes, which is great if you are in a rush!

Just Balm is free from all additives and preservatives and is simply made from a blend of skin oils and butters which makes it suitable for treating a range of problems such as irritation, skin rashes, shaving rash, dermatitis, eczema, flaky skin and psoriasis. The product can also be used on babies and young children, making it a great product for the whole family!

Intensive Restoring Facial Hydrating Cream

My face is very temperimental and a lot of creams and lotions turn my face into a red raw mess, so I was delighted to be able to try this facial cream. 

The facial cream is a "soothing aloe and oat facial cream to calm and hydrate" and states that it is used to "Hydrate and comfort dry thirsty skin"... A lot to live up to and on trying the product out for over 3 weeks I can safely say that it does EXACTLY as it states. My skin had no irritation at all. My skin felt smooth, refreshed and renewed after use.

Again the packaging is beautiful with a simple nude peach coloured label and silver top and bottom. It is a pump applicator which makes it easy to use the correct amount of product without wasting any! On application the facial cream is rather heavily scented, however its a fresh soft apricot scent, but if you like your products to be fragrance free then this one isn't for you.

Overall I was really impressed with this brand and will be repurchasing the 'Just Balm' as its such a good all rounder and can be used on everyone!

Just Balm - 150ml - 12.95 / £10.24
Intensive Restoring Hydrating Facial Cream - 50 ml - 24.95 / £19.74

For more information or to buy any of the products go to 

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