Sunday, 28 February 2016

Ciara Daly Makeup Brushes Review

Hello Again
A couple of weeks ago I was very kindly sent out some amazing products from Ciara Daly Makeup to try out and review. Ciara is based on the Lisburn road in Belfast so I was thrilled to be able to try some products made locally in Northern Ireland.
On opening the parcel I was left opened mouthed and surprised, I had been sent out the full makeup brush range with 4 different brush sets and the AMAZING hero brush. Not only was I kindly sent out the brushes but also the purifying brush cleaner and the Brush Egg.
I was like a kid on Christmas day!
On opening all of the various sets I could not wait to try them out and oh my goodness I was not let down. There is a brush for every little thing from your foundation to your lips, Ciara Daly's Brush sets cover it all!
The 4 different sets are the Diva Brow Collection, Goddess Collection, Phoenix Collection and the Desire Duo Collection. Then there is the beautiful Hero Brush which is sold seperately. The brush sets all have there own colour on the front of the packaging which I thought was a brilliant idea as it is easier to remember the colour than all the collection names :)
Diva Brow Collection
The Diva Brow Collection as the name suggests is for your brows and the set comes with 1 dual ended eyebrow brush which has a spoolie at one end and an angled brow brush at the other end, and 1 slanted sable brush which is perfect for doing your eyebrow liner or eyeliner.
The packaging colour for the Diva Brow Collection is an orange/peach colour and shows the products included.  Also inside is a leaflet with directions on how to use each product.
The brushes are lovely and soft, yet sturdy when using to apply product. I love the dual ended brush as its so easy to brush your brow hairs and then apply product without looking for another brush.
Diva Brow Collection - £16.00
Goddess Collection
The Goddess Collection is designed to give you "great cheeks every time" with the set including 1 ultimate contouring brush, 1 cheek bone blush brush and 1 highlighting blending brush. Perfect to give you a nice sculpted look.
The packaging colour for the Goddess collection is a lovely hot pink colour and again includes the same little detailed leaflet on how to use the products.
The blusher brush in this set is soo soft it is like silk on your skin, and it gives such a lovely finish to your blusher. The contouring brush is made from goat hair which makes it so easy to get a nice clean line when sculpting your face. Finally the highlighting blending brush is just the perfect size for applying powder to the top of the cheek bones, it is rather dense so its easy to get the correct amount of product you want without overdoing it.
Goddess Collection - £32.00
Phoenix Collection
The Phoenix collection is all about the eyes and what an amazing set this is. There are 4 different brushes in this collection and they are a shadow accent brush, an under eye smudge brush, a socket blending brush and lastly a base blending brush. Perfect for any eye look!
The Phoenix collection packaging colour is a lovely blue colour and the brushes came in a luxurious velvet pouch.
These 4 brushes range in size and density which is perfect for blending and packing shadows. The base blending brush is great for your transition shade. The shadow accent brush is brilliant for all over the eye lid and if you want a smokey eye this is the ideal size for doing it. The socket blending brush is good for the inside corners or for blending out any flicks/wings. If you like to apply shadow/liner to the lower lash line this brush is tiny and ideal for giving you a detailed flawless look.
Phoenix Collection - £32.00
Desire Duo Collection
The Desire Duo collection is the last set in the brush collection but by no means least. The set consists of 1 flat lip brush and 1 rounded lip brush, perfect for giving you the perfect pout :)
The packaging of the Desire Duo collection brushes is a vibrant green colour.
I love these brushes as they are perfect in size and the rounded lip brush is nice and dense to make applying product so easy, while the flat lip brush is more soft and gentle it can be used for outlining the lips but can also be used for under the eyes or covering any blemishes!
Desire Duo - £16.00
We then have the best foundation brush I have EVER tried...
Hero Brush
On opening this little beauty I could not believe just how soft the bristles were! It literally feels like a little fluffy chick its beautiful. When I took the Hero Brush out of its net covering I was surprised at how dense the bristles were and just how many there were.
On applying my foundation onto the top of the brush I started to buff it into my skin in circular motions and woahh, my foundation went on so easily and flawlessly I was left open mouthed by how good the brush actually is. I used hardly any product and the coverage the brush gave was astonishing. Even my partner came in and asked had I used a new foundation!!
I adore this brush and reach for it every time I apply my foundation now. 
Hero Brush - £25.00
After using all the brushes in the Collection it came to cleaning them, which is a job I HATE doing however I gave the Purifying Brush Cleaner a go and have to admit it did make cleaning my brushes a lot easier.
I simply poured some of the brush cleaner into a small bowl, dipped my brushes in and then rubbed them up and down the Brush Egg, which took a lot of the product out quickly and effectively. The only down side is cleaning the brush egg a lot as the make up sticks in the ridges.
Purifying Brush Cleaner - £7.00 
Egg Brush - £3.00
All of the products featured in my review can by found online at 
I would just like to say a massive thank you to the lovely girls at Ciara Daly Makeup for sending me such amazing products.
I hope you enjoyed this review and if you want to know anymore please contact me on my facebook or on here :)
Victoria xx


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