Sunday, 21 February 2016

Background Info on me

Hi Everyone

So I thought now that I have my facebook, instagram and other social media pages set up I should let everyone know more about the person behind Dotty Diamond.

About me...

Name - Victoria Murray
D.O.B - 01-04-90
Location - Ballymoney
Pets - 1 cat called Doris
Relationship - Been with my partner Christopher for 2 years
Favorite colour - Pink
Favorite place in the world - New York
Family - Mum, Dad and Brother
Favorite food - Chicken or Salmon
Shoe size - 7 or 8
Occupation - Volunteer coordinator
Tattoo's - 8
Allergies - Penicillin

And that's pretty much all about me... but why chose the name Dotty Diamond.. well I drive a DS3 which I call Dotty, and my birthstone is Diamond. So I combined the two and boom Dotty Diamond became a reality.

My blog will be mostly beauty, lifestyle, plus-size fashion and some photography. That's enough from me for now but i will chat soon.


Victoria xx

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